We are an academic Core Facility supporting DNA Sequencing of PCR, Plasmid, BAC's and Fosmid Templates as well as Fragment Analysis of Microsatellites, AFLP's, t-RFLP's, SHAPE Experiments and Human Cell Line Authentication.

Our Facility was founded in 2003 and expanded in 2005 with funds from NSF Instrumentation Development Grant (#0500993). In 2008 a generous gift from the Yale Provost allowed us to upgrade our Applied Biosystems Genetic Analyzer from a 48 to a 96-capillary. In 2010, with funds from NIH Equipment Grant (1S10RR025478-01) we upgraded additional equipment to ensure that we operate an efficient and cost effective Core.

We are housed in the Yale Institute for Biospheric Studies, Molecular Systematics and Conservation Genetics Center both under the Direction of Dr. Adalgisa Caccone. The presence of our Core within a research lab enhances training within the MSCG Center by allowing students to obtain genetic information from large data sets in a time frame that is appropriate to their academic schedules, and to do so with the small budgets available for training.

Our services are utilized by hundreds of users from Yale, other academic institutions and private companies from across the United States and around the world. By promoting access to our equipment we enhance cost effectiveness, reducing idle time and avoid wasting consumables. This in turn allows us to continue to reduce rates and keep our services available to users that could otherwise not afford it. While our user base continues to expand our focus remains the same: to offer high quality services at affordable and competitively priced rates.


Why Choose Our Facility for Sanger Sequencing and Fragment Analysis?

  • Turn around time is usually under 48 hours for sanger sequencing and fragment analysis.
  • Extremely competitive pricing
  • Flexible tube formats for submitting samples
  • Long read lengths, on average 1100 Q>20 bases for our pGem controls
  • A user friendly and secure, web server, GeneSifter, for order submissions and retrieval of data
  • Extensive troubleshooting assistance from experienced staff